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Gambling addict's £800 machine rage at Carrick bookies

By Alan Erwin

A gambling addict smashed up gaming machines with a brick after blowing £800 given to him by his partner to pay their mortgage, a court has heard.

David Guiller was ordered to do 18 months on probation for inflicting up to £3,200 worth of damage in a rage at a bookmakers in Carrickfergus, Co Antrim.

Guiller (44), of Knockleigh Drive in Greenisland, pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage to two machines belonging to Ladbrokes on August 23.

Belfast Magistrates' Court heard his now ex-partner gave him the money to make a mortgage repayment and pay credit card bills, as she was working.

He entered the bookies en route to the bank with the intention of spending £20-£30. But he was said to have panicked after quickly spending all the cash.

According to the prosecution, Guiller went outside, lifted a brick and returned to smash up the gaming machines.

Defence solicitor Dennis Boyd said the offence was fuelled by a gambling addiction which started after his client was made redundant in 2009.

Mr Boyd told the court Guiller went into a rage because he lost his partner's cash rather than his own. He also revealed that Guiller's actions resulted in the couple splitting up.

Imposing 18 months probation, District Judge Fiona Bagnall stressed the need for the defendant to pay back his ex-partner.

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