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Game of Thrones man fined for speeding

By Nevin Farrell

A camera stand director who has worked on Game Of Thrones had his own real life drama when caught doing 93mph on the Frosses Road because he was late for work.

Stefan Greenberg (21), of Hayes Court in Seapatrick, near Banbridge, was not present at Coleraine Magistrate's Court yesterday, but his lawyer said he was pleading guilty to an excess speed charge.

The defendant was caught in a 60mph zone on the Frosses Road near Ballymena on the morning of February 24 this year.

The defence lawyer said his client worked as a camera stand director on shows like Game of Thrones and is also a part-time student at Jordanstown.

He said that the defendant was late for work but as it was approaching 10am most of the work-related traffic had gone.

District Judge Liam McNally said the defendant already had three points on his licence, as he handed down six more and a fine of £250.

The judge said that 93mph was a very fast speed on the Frosses Road, which he described as a "notoriously dangerous road".

The judge said the defendant had come close to getting a disqualification.

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