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Gay NI couple among first to wed in Republic

By Staff Reporter

A Co Antrim couple were among the first to wed under the Republic's same-sex marriage law.

Belfast man Darren Baird and Lisburn native Tony Day held their ceremony in Co Monaghan on Saturday. It was legally recognised on Tuesday after the law came into effect the previous day.

Tony's son Parker (8) walked the couple up the aisle.

Meanwhile, the unlikely setting of a health centre waiting room was the backdrop for Ireland's first gay marriage.

Barrister Cormac Gollogly (35) from Dublin and banker Richard Dowling (35) from Athlone travelled to Tipperary to be the first to tie the knot early yesterday.

The pair were already in a civil partnership, which they described as "really our wedding day". They had to return to Tipperary to exchange new vows and seal their marriage at Clonmel Community Care Centre.

"This is formalising the legalities of our marriage," said Mr Dowling. "We wanted to try and get in the history books and be first across the line."

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