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GCSE results: Hunterhouse College students aim high as they map out their future careers


By Allan Preston

At Hunterhouse College, student Florence Alede (16) has her sights set on a career in advertising.

"I got on really well because I'm really happy with my results," she said, with grades including Bs in Business, ICT, English and Double Award Science.

"It was hard studying over the past two years but I found it easier towards the end.

"I'd like to do A Levels in Digital Technology, Sociology and Business. I think I want to go into advertising.

"It really appeals to me because it's creative."

Kaytlyn Ferguson (16) achieved A* grades in Religious Studies and Learning for Life and Work (LLW), as well as As in Maths and Double Award Science.

"It was very stressful with having so many different subjects to be across, I really had to revise hard to feel confident in exams," she said.

"I'm looking to do A Levels in Maths, Biology and Technology and Design.

"After that I really think I'd like to be an optometrist. I just think working in that world would be fascinating."

Anna Brown (16) walked away with A grades in English Language and Literature.

She also bagged an A in Religious Studies and B grades in Maths, LLW and Single Award Science.

"I waited to come in to school to find out my grades rather than looking them up online, but I'm really pleased," she said.

After returning for A Levels she has hopes of teaching English Literature.

Caitlin White (16) was over the moon yesterday after scoring an A in English Language and an impressive nine A* grades in subjects including German, History and Maths.

Multi-instrumentalist Judith Graham (16) was also celebrating As in Music (playing violin, piano, guitar and ukulele), ICT, Religious Studies and LLW. After attending a briefing for incoming sixth formers, both are looking forward to returning for their A Levels.

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