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GCSE results: Malone College: It’s double celebration for delighted new mum Faith


By Allan Preston

When Malone College, Belfast student Faith Mooney (17) found out she was pregnant last year, she had unfounded fears of bullying and failing her GCSEs.

Now, she's looking forward to coming back for A-levels and hopes to become a primary school teacher.

Yesterday, the young mum said she was delighted to have a new daughter Hazel as well as passing eight out of her nine GCSEs, including Bs in English Language and Moving Image Arts.

"I found out I was pregnant in August which meant I was dealing with that for the entire school year," she said.

"The school really helped and there wasn't any bullying. That wasn't what I expected as I'd heard all these horror stories.

"So my GCSEs came around and I was either doing my revision classes while nine months pregnant and due, or had just had a baby, so it was a lot."

Hazel was born on May 24, followed quickly by Faith's exams.

"The pastoral care team told me to come to them if I had any bullying problems, but everyone was really nice and the worst I got was a lot of friend requests on Facebook. It's been a lot having Hazel, but her dad and both our families help out so that's been really good."

Thomas Patton (17) struggled to focus on his studies early in his school career before finding a new confidence for his GCSEs with A grades in Double Award Science, Further Maths, English Language and English Literature. Now he's taking science-based A-levels with hopes of becoming an electrical engineer.

Geani Musa (16) was delighted to get 10 GCSEs, including an AB in Double Award Science. He's returning for science and maths-based A-levels before deciding on a career choice.

Conor Smyth (16) said he was proud of his results after working hard for grades that included a B in Moving Images, C in English and a Prince's Trust qualification.

Morgan Pettigrew (16) is returning for his A-levels then hopes to join the Army for three years followed by a course at university to become a PE teacher. "The Army has always been a goal in life for experience," he said.

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