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Genius cow staged escapes for morning snack

By John Mulgrew

Steve McQueen has got nothing on a crafty cow who launched her great escape from a pen in Co Armagh by using her tongue.

Daisy was secretly filmed by her owner, farmer Tom Grant, undoing the bolts on her pen with ruthless efficiency.

The brazen bovine's owner said he was puzzled when he found his cattle enjoying a field of grass in the morning, despite locking them inside at night.

The farmer, with the help of his brother Vincent, set up a hidden camera to get to the bottom of the cattle confusion.

“I was a wee bit suspicious because I thought there was a bit of rustling in the area, and that maybe there were boys about during the night trying to steal one of them,” he said.

“Every night I would feed these heifers and put them into their respective pens, secured by a two-bar gate.

“I came out one morning and found the gate open and |Daisy was out with her friends, and I thought maybe I didn't bar the gate right. I thought maybe there were boys about during the night trying to steal a heifer.”

His brother said he was amazed at the udder genius of the cow, an animal not generally known for its intelligence, and its ability to let itself out in such a clever manner.

“I discovered one of the animals was able to open the gate with her tongue,” he said.

“People have the impression that a cow is a dumb animal, but as you can see from the footage, it's far from dumb, it's quite intelligent.”

Daisy's bold break-out has been sweeping across social media sites such as Facebook and is currently trending across Twitter, where her lock-picking skills have been applauded.

Her owner, a fan of the George Orwell novel Animal Farm, said he thinks its time for more research on the bovine brain.

The Co Armagh farmer may now find himself having to beef up security in future to ensure his beloved beasts remain safely inside.

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