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Gentle giant Scott Vineer who was left in coma after attack gets home at last

The mother of an autistic teenager who has made an emotional return home six months after being left for dead has said no one has come forward to police with any information about the brutal attack.

'Gentle giant' Scott Vineer spent three months in a coma after he was repeatedly kicked in the head by his assailants in Lisburn.

The 17-year-old was found in the grounds of a disused furniture showroom near the Lagan Towpath on September 7, 24 hours after leaving South Eastern Regional College, where he was studying.

He had been left for dead in the attack which was described by police as "brutal, savage and senseless".

Yesterday Scott waved from his wheelchair to a cheering crowd of relatives and friends as he returned home.

His mother Helen said her family had not known whether they would see this day. "It's just great to have him home where he belongs," she told UTV.

"We love him to bits, we've missed him for six months."

The 6ft 3in teenager, described by police as a "gentle giant", will need intensive physiotherapy over the coming months.

But the brave young man described yesterday as a "very special" day for him.

His family hope he will one day walk unaided.

Scott's brothers, Curtis and Darryl, said it had been a very emotional day.

"I just cannot wait to hug him," Curtis said.

But his mother stressed that they have yet to get justice for the attack, which shocked the community of Lisburn and beyond.

"He hasn't got an enemy in the world that we know of and I just don't understand why anyone could do this to him. Nobody can," she said.

"All the neighbours love him. He's a lovable giant, everybody loves him."

She appealed for anyone with information that could help the investigation to contact police.

"Nobody should have to go through what he's been through," she added.

"Nobody knows why, nobody knows what happened, nobody's come forward, we've got no witnesses.

"It's been a long investigation because of that, but hopefully with a bit of luck we will find out who did it and they'll be punished, and we'll get justice."

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