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George Best family feud: Dirty linen being washed in public is uncomfortable viewing

By Ivan Little

It's probably safe to assume that George Best's son Calum and his aunt Barbara haven't been on each other's Christmas card list for a long time.

And after watching a preview of tonight's documentary on Best junior, one can only think neither will be unwrapping any festive presents this year either.

Of course, there can't be many families who don't have strains in their relationships, but watching the washing of the Bests' dirty linen in public is particularly uncomfortable.

Hearing Calum and his mother Angie ripping into Northern Ireland's favourite - but flawed - footballing hero is distressing in the extreme, with claims that the son hates the father and asks if the father ever loved the son.

It's left to a shell-shocked Barbara to defend her brother and to plead with Calum to stop "badmouthing" his father. There's no mention, however, of any moves towards a rapprochement with his father's family.

On the strength of tonight's documentary, that would seem as likely as Gregory Campbell signing up for Irish language classes.

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