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George Best was a terror but I loved him to bits, says Angie

By Staff Reporter

The former wife of George Best has spoken of their time together - and her attempts to settle down with the hard-living Belfast man.

Angie MacDonald-Janes recalled: "He was an absolute terror... but I loved him to bits."

It came as intimate photographs of the pair together emerged for the first time since they were taken in 1976.

"The pictures were taken when we were first together, at a flat in Chelsea. We rented so many places. We were like a pair of gypsies," Angie told the Sunday People.

"But how sweet he looks. They were happy days. We were so young. Look at those faces. Not even a wrinkle."

George and Angie married in 1978 and had a son, Calum, in 1981.

But they separated the following year and divorced in 1986.

Angie added: "It was a wonderful experience but it certainly wasn't a normal relationship. Nothing George did was normal.

"I think it was meant to be and I'm glad it was ­because I have my son Calum."

Angie, now 63, had to tolerate Best's notorious infidelity and two-week drinking binges.

The final straw came when she spotted him walking along a road in Los Angeles, dressed like a tramp.

She drove straight past him.

"I thoroughly ­enjoyed myself even though it was painful. I was ­capable of taking on a terror like George and I'm glad I did."

She added: "I don't regret a second of it."

Angie now thinks Best's heavy drinking, which led to his untimely death aged 59 in 2005, was caused by depression.

"It would just take over. With hindsight, I recognise it. But we didn't know about it back then," she explained.

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