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George Best's ex-wife Angie remembers the soccer legend 10 years after his death

Former Playboy Bunny Angie MacDonald-Janes recalls their time together saying that despite his boozing and womanising: "I don't regret a second of it".

Ten years after his death the ex-wife of footballing legend George Best remembers their time together - and her attempts to settle down with the infamous hard-living Belfast man.

“He was an absolute terror... but I loved him to bits," former Playboy Bunny Angie MacDonald-Janes told the Sunday People.

“There was me thinking he just needed ­someone to love him and cook him dinner and walk the dogs with… oh well."

She added: “It was a wonderful experience but it certainly wasn’t a normal relationship. Nothing George did was normal. I think it was meant to be and I’m glad it was ­because I have my son Callum.”

Angie, now 63, married Best in 1978 and had to tolerate his notorious infidelity and two-week drinking binges.

They divorced in 1986, the final straw being when she spotted him walking along a road in Los Angeles, dressed like a tramp. She drove straight past him.

“I thoroughly ­enjoyed myself even though it was painful. I was ­capable of taking on a terror like George and I’m glad I did," she said.

Adding: "I don't regret a second of it."

Angie now thinks Best's heavy drinking, which lead to his untimely death aged 59 in 2005, was caused by depression.

“It would just take over. With hindsight, I recognise it. But we didn’t know about it back then," explained Angie.

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