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Germany will be 'rock-solid' over Irish backstop, says visiting minister

By Michelle Devane

The German Government will ignore pressure from its own car manufacturers to compromise on the backstop, the German Justice Minister has revealed.

During a visit to the border in Co Louth, Katarina Barley said Berlin would stand firm.

The German auto industry has warned that the consequences of the UK leaving the European Unoin without a withdrawal deal on March 29 would be fatal.

Ms Barley said the backstop was not open for renegotiation and that there was unmovable backing for the negotiated withdrawal agreement within the German Government.

"You can be absolutely sure that the German Government backs the backstop idea and the agreement. Absolutely," she said.

"There is rock-solid backing for this agreement."

Ms Barley was accompanied on her tour of the border by Labour party leader Brendan Howlin, Labour senator Ged Nash and SDLP Brexit spokeswoman Claire Hanna.

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