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Gerry Adams arrested: Senior republicans Evelyn Gilroy and Peter Rodgers refuse to give statements to PSNI over Sinn Fein leader

By Greg Harkin

Two senior republicans have refused to give statements in the past 24 hours to the PSNI implicating Gerry Adams in IRA activity.

As the Sinn Fein leader continues to be questioned by detectives at Antrim PNSI base, we have learned that officers asked for statements from Evelyn Gilroy and Peter Rodgers.

Both have made claims in the past few weeks about Adams.

Rodgers said last week that Adams had ordered him to take unsafe explosive material to Britain for a bombing campaign there.

When asked to give a statement to police on his claims, sources close to Rodgers say he refused.

A close friend of Gilroy, a former internee and veteran republican, says she was also asked for a statement implicating Adams in IRA activity. She also refused despite telling the Sunday Life 10 days ago that Adams should be arrested.

Gilroy was an active republican in Divis flats where Jean McConville was abducted in December 1972.

Evelyn Gilroy had said on April 24: "I'm speaking out for the first time because I'm very angry that grassroots republicans are being arrested.

"Police have lifted people who were 15 and 16 at the time of the killing, yet Gerry Adams remains untouched. I'm disgusted that ordinary republicans are being put through the mill for his actions.

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Nothing underhand in Gerry Adams arrest

"It defies belief that he hasn't been arrested. The police should stop chasing those who were never in a position in the republican movement to order Jean McConville's execution and instead arrest the only person who was in that position - Gerry Adams.

"He has got away with so much over the years. He now seems to be getting away with this as well. It will be a disgrace if ordinary people end up carrying the can for what he did."

But Gilroy has refused to provide an affidavit backing up her claims.

Republican sources have expressed ‘astonishment’ that potential witnesses were approached for statements after Mr Adams arrest.

Gerry Adams remains in police custody this afternoon, being questioned about the murder of Jean McConville. The Louth TD has always denied any involvement in the killing.

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