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Gerry Adams 'hard man to trust', Mallon tells documentary

TV3 insight: Gerry Adams
TV3 insight: Gerry Adams
Suzanne Breen

By Suzanne Breen

A documentary on Gerry Adams by veteran Irish journalist Vincent Browne is to be screened by TV3.

The two-part programme charting Mr Adams' role over the last five decades begins tonight.

Among those interviewed are ex-IRA man Tommy Gorman, former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, and former SDLP deputy leader Seamus Mallon who, of the Sinn Fein president, says: "He's a hard man to like. He's an even harder man to trust."

Mr Browne said: "I have known Gerry Adams for over 40 years and have found him one of the most fascinating people in Irish public life during that time.

"Of course he was very much involved in the IRA campaign of atrocity, murder and criminality, but from the early 1980s he began to seek a way out of violence and bring the republican movement with him.

"Against the odds he was successful. Without him, the atrocities almost certainly would have happened anyway but without him peace wouldn't have happened when it did."

Gerry Adams: War, Peace & Politics is on TV3 tonight & tomorrow, 9pm

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