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Gerry Adams owes more than allegations to the Stack family

On a week which rocked SF, the Gerry Adams questions are mounting up, says Niall O’Connor

At 4.48pm yesterday, three emails arrived in my inbox simultaneously.

They were sent from the offices of the Sinn Fein politicians who have been linked to the murder of prison officer Brian Stack by their own party president, Gerry Adams.

This newspaper has decided against naming the three individuals involved for fear of compromising the Garda investigation.

The emails, sent by the Sinn Fein press office, all read as follows: "Following consultation with my legal representative and in response to your recent email, I would like to state, 'I have no information regarding the murder of Brian Stack'."

Of all the controversies that have engulfed Mr Adams and the Sinn Fein party in recent years, this one is significantly different. We are dealing with a political party that does not tolerate discord or conflict.

If these three senior Sinn Fein figures have no information in relation to the Stack murder, why were their names passed to Garda Commissioner Noirin O'Sullivan by Gerry Adams?

And why did he wait, according to the Stack family, over two and a half years to furnish the information to authorities?

In a lengthy statement last night, Mr Adams failed to answer any of these questions.

Brian Stack was shot in the neck after attending an amateur boxing match in Dublin on March 25, 1983.

He died 18 months later.

The IRA eventually admitted to the murder in August 2013 in Co Louth. The meeting was attended by the victim's sons, Austin and Oliver, a senior IRA commander and the Sinn Fein President, Gerry Adams.

The IRA expressed regret over the killing, but insisted that it had been carried out by a renegade, who was disciplined for the atrocity.

In the Dail this week, Sinn Fein TDs sat stone-faced as Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin raised the killing and the email revelations.

As this controversy was unfolding, a woman sat down to dinner with her son in Chicago.

That woman is Sheila Stack, Brian Stack's widow.

She will take the Taoiseach up on his invitation to meet later this year.

Enda Kenny, and Micheal Martin for that matter, can offer no more.

The same cannot be said for Gerry Adams.

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