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Gerry Adams to release 'Little Book of Tweets' (and selfies)

By Claire Williamson

Move over Kim Kardashian - Gerry Adams is set to release a book of selfies and tweets.

The Sinn Fein president is well known for his musings on Twitter - from the funny to the often bizarre and the prominent feature of his rubber ducks.

From tweets about Teddy Bears to beards and Pierce Brosnan, his Twitter account is anything but dull.

But he's not the first to release such a book as last year self-styled Queen of selfies Kim Kardashian released a book of more than 300 pages of photos of herself called "Selfish".

The tweets in the book have all been hand-picked by the Louth TD.

On the Sinn Fein bookshop website it states that his tweets have been described as "bizarre, weird and as part of a clever strategy".

It continues: "Gerry Adams is a well known public figure and his tweets range across the political and the personal, the serious and the humorous, often featuring rubber ducks and teddy bears.

"This little books shows the lighter side of his personality and allows the reader some insight into his private life. The inevitable 'selfies' are included showing that many years experience of politics have taught him not to take himself too seriously."

The book will cost £6.88 and is expected to be available for purchase on January 29.

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Gerry Adams: I trampoline naked with my pet dog 

Some of the Sinn Fein leader's musings on Twitter

A Great Bernard dog just sidled up 2 the sofa & gave me a Brandy&Port. Nuada & Snowie never even barked. Hope he comes back. Or am I dreaming?

Heating conked out while Im in bath. Brrrrhhhh. Ducks sake! Brass monkeys phase of my life.

Methinks Pilates is making me bow legged. I also get dizzy after standing on 1 leg 4 a few minutes. Why?

Cuppa camomile, PJs, some broken biscuits. Tom&Ted on my knees. All waiting 4 Paisley: Genesis To Revelation. (Tom and Ted are his teddy bears)

If you have a beard and no Valentine, remember this. You still have a beard.

Every1 else gotta strawberry on their Pavlova except me!! Why?

My beloved barber abandoned me so had a preArd Fheis trim - orders of SF style police - by a nice Romanian. Didnt understand each other. Close shave

A big bath full of sudsy Epson Salts. All my ducks in a row! What more cud a man want? Oichey oichey! (Night night) Happy Burns Night! Xo

Dreamt I was eating Cream Eggs. Woke up this morn. Pillow & beard covered in chocolate & cream thingymebob.

Im an ordinary man. Nothing special. Nothing grand. Ive worked hard 4 everything I own. Just remember diss. A kiss is just a kiss. A sigh is just a sigh. The findamental things apply. As time goes by

Every time I hear a new born baby cry, Or feel the breeze or see the sky. Then I know why I believe!!

Oil man due. When Icicles grow on the wall & Dick the Shepherd blows his nails. Where's that bloody St Bernard when U need him. Where's RG?

Nuada & moi out walking across fields. Disturb a rabbit eating dindins. Shredded cabbage! How did it get here?

Someday Im gonna write the story of my life. I'll tell about the night we met&how my poor heart cant 4get the way U looked @ me. Oiche zzxoz

Standing @the corner (in the rain) watching all the girls go by. Standing @ the corner (in Dundalk in the rain) giving all the girls the Eye.

Have U ever been lonely? Have U ever been blue? B a little forgiving. Take me back in ur heart. How can I go on living now that we're apart.

In West Clare. No electricity! Sorrow & sadness. bitterness, grief. Memories I have U. wont leave me in peace. I walked 2 Spanish Point!

I know where Im going. I know whose going with me. I know who I love but the dear knows who I'll marry

Where r U going 2 my lovely? When ur alone in ur bed? What r the thoughts that surround U? Whats going on inside ur head?

I wish I wish I wish in vain. I wish that I was a youth again. But a youth again I never can be until apples grow on an ivy tree. Monday! xo

Banjaxed. Going 2 bed with Mrs Brown's Boys. Oichey oichey xoxozzzzx

When I was single I wore a black shawl. But now that Im married I have none at all. But still I love him. I cant deny him. I will go with

There was an old woman from Wexford. In Wexford town did dwell. She loved her husband dearly but another man twice as well! Oichey oichey xo

Wet Wet Wet

Thats 2 retweets & its only 10.30. But on such a fine bright morning who cud ask 4 anything more?

Bcos its a cold dark grey night doesnt mean its a bad night. Au contraire! Its a great night. Weekend. Soapy suds. Rubber ducks!

Let the wind blow high. Let the wind blow low. Up the street in my kilt I go. All the lassies say hullo. Donal wheres your troosers.

My name is Sue! How do U do?

The 3 men I admire the most. The Father, Son & Holy Ghost. They tuk the last train 2 the coast. The day the music died.

Some twits scoff @ my yellow ducks. But thats cos they dont know what fine eggs they lay from Brigids Day 2 Easter.

2 tweet or not 2 tweet? That is the question!

Problem. I got a ton of fruit&veg in Moore St 4 juicing. But left my juicer in Bfast. Silly Billy! Just saying

Are we there yet?Are we there yet? Are we there yet? (During Haass negotiations)

Martin McG has eaten GerryKs dindins & Jennifer's dessert. Hungry Horace.

Peter Robinsons birthday cake. Ted made it. La breithe shona duit Peadar. (With picture of a flan)

My bestest pressie! The Queen of all rubber ducks. A high class act. Kinda ducky ar lá dee dah! Epsom Salts go deo

New ducks. They light up. Made my Christmas.

My nose is blistered. Skin peeling off. Sinuses bate out. Eyes weeping. Oh what a bootuful morning O what a bootuful day. Yeeehaaaa

Unkind remarks from comrades about nose! Rudolph?

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