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Get to grits with weather

Robin Newton East Belfast DUP MLA has called on the DRD Minister Connor Murphy to ensure that all empty grit boxes are refilled in preparation for the next cold spell.

“If the weather forecasts are right then we are in for another cold spell that may well result in heavy frost and ice on our roads and pavements,” he said.

Learning lessons of the recent artic like weather conditions is important. The simple exercise of refilling the locally sited grit boxes will be important for motorists and pedestrians alike,” he added.

Mr Newton said tha t pedestrians sliding on pavements had resulted in a high number turning up at Accident & Emergency units with a significant figure being admitted to hospital. “Combined with many, minor road accidents that end up being costly for the motorist the supply of grit is a simple but effective manner of preventing a lot of these accidents.

It is only common sense to take the action now and help prevent falls and spills and damage to vehicles.”

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