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Ghost of my late hubby George Best turned on taps and hid clothes... startling claims of Alex Best


Alex Best on This Morning yesterday

Alex Best on This Morning yesterday

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George Best

George Best

Alex Best on This Morning yesterday

Alex Best - widow of Northern Ireland football legend George Best - claims that her dead husband is haunting her.

The glamorous widow (45) made the bizarre claim when she appeared on ITV's This Morning Show yesterday.

She claimed her dead husband moved a phone charger, hid clothes and turned on the taps in her bathroom when she walked past.

"I first had an experience with George's spirit on the day of the funeral," she claimed.

"As I was walking past the bathroom on the right-hand side every single tap and the shower turned on.

"My friend who was staying with me in the room was like: 'Oh, my God!'."

Alex also thought George's spirit was moving the furniture around in her house - and even hiding some of her clothes.

"I have a massive chest of drawers and it takes three men to move it," the blonde told This Morning presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford.

"And the other day it had moved out from the wall, I could see the marks where it had been on the floor.

"I mean, I'm not going to do it.

"Who's gonna come in and move my furniture around?"

She also described how one of her tops went missing from her chest of drawers - but mysteriously turned up days later - exactly where it should have been.

"I know where I'd put the top, and all of a sudden when I want to wear it, it's not there," she explained.

"So, I take everything out of the drawers and put everything back in again - and a week later it's there on top!"

She said she was convinced the spooky happenings were the doing of her late husband, because they had only started since he died.

"It's not just me, friends of mine who have been to stay have said the same.

"I've never really spoken about it with anyone because it's private," she told This Morning's 1.6m viewers.

The Manchester United and Northern Ireland legend died in 2005 at the age of 59 after suffering complications following a liver transplant three years earlier.

He had been an alcoholic for many years.

He and Alex married in 1995 and divorced in 2004, just a year before his passing.

They had no children together.

Best had previously been married to Angie McDonald, with whom he had son Calum.

Fellow guest Deborah Hyde, editor of science advocacy magazine Skeptic, was highly cynical of Alex's story.

And This Morning viewers quickly took to social media to express their incredulity at her tale of ghostly goings-on instigated by her late husband.

Simon Alcock tweeted: "Alex Best chatting absolute horses*** on #ThisMorning."

Viewer Michael Hickson wrote: "How did Alex Best get booked to talk about George Best's ghost hiding her phone charger?!#ThisMorning."

A little unkindly, Louise Cheese posted: "No way Alex Best REALLY believes George is haunting her house and stopping her finding love.

"It's her latest quest for fame #ThisMorning."

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