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Giant's Causeway up in lights as Roisin says 'yes' to proposal

By Michelle Smyth

It was a proposal like no other - down on one knee at the Giant's Causeway while the aurora borealis danced in the Christmas Eve sky overhead.

Maghera man Martin McKenna had been waiting for the perfect moment to propose to his girlfriend Roisin Laverty. The pair, who have been together for four years, went storm-chasing on their second date so the proposal was always going to be special and quirky.

Martin (36), an astronomy photographer, explained: "I wanted to wait for the perfect moment. The aurora can be quite unpredictable and sporadic. We both love nature so it had to be a part of the proposal. In the end, it was like nature noticed us and put on a show. We were standing on the steps of the Giant's Causeway at 1am when suddenly the sky became illuminated with stunning green and pink colours. It was a magical experience. I haven't stopped smiling since Roisin said 'yes'."

Toome woman Roisin (36) added: "After Martin proposed, it was like nature was celebrating with us. The sea began to foam wildly, which was like Champagne being sprayed or confetti being thrown. It was an unforgettable moment."

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