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Girl power to fore as Archibald and Sugden lead way

East Londonderry

Sinn Fein's Caoimhe Archibald topped the poll in this heartland of unionism. A strong performance by running mate Cathal o hOisin (above with Archibald) and a less than satisfactory showing for the SDLP's John Dallat saw speculation that Sinn Fein could take a second seat.

Having earlier conceded defeat, Mr Dallat was like a man reborn by the time it became clear he would be re-elected.

Independent unionist and former Justice Minister Claire Sugden was delighted to perform well, becoming the first MLA returned in the constituency.

DUP candidates were subdued, and the party's fight to hold on to all three seats failed when Adrian McQuillan missed out.

Running mates George Robinson and Maurice Bradley were elected, but by the time the declaration was made, Mr Robinson had gone home. Although, to be fair, it was already past most people's bedtime.

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