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Girlfriend of stab suspect ‘tried to hide bloodstains’

The girlfriend of a man accused of stabbing a teenager to death in Co Down used her washing machine to try to rid his clothes of bloodstains, the High Court has heard.

Lynsey Cahoon also allegedly gave a false description of the man who killed Paul Owens and suggested burning a jacket, prosecutors said.

Cahoon (20) is charged with assisting an offender in connection with the murder of 18-year-old Mr Owens, who was attacked near Donard Park, Newcastle, on February 26.

The victim was stabbed on the side of the face, on the arm, and received a fatal wound to his chest which was 17cm deep, the court was told.

Cahoon, of Central Promenade, Newcastle, was granted bail but banned from entering the town, along with Ardglass and Newry.

Her boyfriend David Kennaway (26), of Kenard Villas, Newry, has been charged with the murder.

During Cahoon's application Crown counsel Conor Maguire alleged that she told police at the scene that a bald-headed man had carried out the attack.

It was claimed that Cahoon had also tried to destroy bloodstained clothing.

Mr Maguire said: “There is evidence that she attempted to remove blood from three items — boxer shorts, a jacket and trainers.

“They were found by police in the washing machine.”

Mr Maguire said police believe the murder weapon has yet to be recovered.

A defence barrister said Cahoon did not remember giving the description to police because she was drunk.

The lawyer told how his client had encountered a fight and saw Mr Owens was injured.

“She took off her jacket and she basically nursed the deceased up to the point of his death,” he told the court.

The barrister added that Cahoon had been “distressed and numb” when she went back to her home.

Her partner returned bruised and cut, with the belief that blood on his clothing could have been his own, the court heard.

Granting bail, Lord Chief Justice Sir Declan Morgan said he was taking into account Cahoon's clear record and the fact she has a young child.

The judge also imposed a curfew and banned her from any contact with Crown witnesses or the victim's family.

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