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Glenanne Gang: Collusion raised in Commons by Foyle MP Mark Durkan

By David Torrance

Foyle MP Mark Durkan has told MPs that a new book "poses very fundamental questions" about relations between the British Army and loyalist paramilitary groups during the Troubles.

Mr Durkan also said revelations in Lethal Allies: British Collusion In Ireland by journalist Anne Cadwallader raised "very sharp questions" for the Ministry of Defence and its oversight of the Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR).

Reading from internal MoD documents which he said referred "casually" to collusion, Mr Durkan told MPs: "We have a clear picture of where the MoD knows what the concerns are but is not concerned."

The SDLP MP also said there was clear evidence of UDR weapons being used by an "absolutely ruthless killer network" known as the Glenanne Gang.

Defence Minister Anna Soubry said the allegations were "matters that should properly be dealt with by the police". She added: "It's right and proper for me to condemn all sectarian attacks ... but I'm not able to comment on the accuracy of these allegations and it's not for the Ministry to usurp the function of the police."

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