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'Glitches all over the place' sees BBC Talkback replaced with Blondie

'I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often,' says host Crawley


William Crawley

William Crawley

BBC Northern Ireland

William Crawley

"Glitches all over the place" saw BBC Radio Ulster's Talkback put off the air on Thursday.

The lunchtime current affairs phone-in show kicked off as usual with the noon news bulletin and host William Crawley giving a run-down of the programme's agenda.

It then appeared to fall apart.

"Little bit of a glitch there... Can you hear me ok," Mr Crawley could be heard saying before going on to introduce his first segment on a special payment for healthcare workers.

After a clip of Health Minister Robin Swann, a gasp could be heard before promotional ads for Radio Ulster and BBC shows cut in.

Listeners were then treated to some classic rock and pop from Blondie, Bronski Beat and Oasis.

However the Gallaghers' Songbird was cut short at 17 minutes past noon.

"I think we are sorted out," Mr Crawley chirped in blaming a technical hitch.

"Working from home and all of that."

Some took to social media wondering if they could have a request. Others thought Connor Phillips - who hosts the show between Nolan and Talkback - may have attempted a takeover.

"I'm really enjoying your tweets," Mr Crawley added, "actually given the pandemic, I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often.

"We are sucking diesel now."

There was then another momentary pause as he introduced his guests.

"Glitches all over the place," added Mr Crawley. He apologised again for the disruption at the end of the show.

The pandemic has re-shaped the broadcast media with the homes of familiar faces often used as make-shift studios.

While some presenters do still present from Broadcasting House on Ormeau Avenue, Mr Crawley has presented his show from home almost throughout.

A BBC spokesman added: "“Talkback went off air due to technical difficulties in the studio, while William was broadcasting from home, as he explained on air. We apologise to our listeners for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

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