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Gloria strikes a chord to help raise funds for breast cancer charity

By Lesley Houston

TV presenter Gloria Hunniford last night honoured the memory of her cherished daughter Caron Keating at the annual breast cancer charity gala Pinktober.

The veteran broadcaster hosted the glittering occasion alongside members of her family to raise funds for and awareness of cancer research.

Her beloved daughter, who presented the children's programme Blue Peter, died in 2004, leaving two young sons.

She died in her mother's arms on April 13, bringing to an end a seven-year battle with breast cancer.

Gloria has said that having a month dedicated to breast cancer awareness was invaluable, especially considering that more than 50,000 women succumb to the cruel disease, which also wrecks families and leaves children motherless.

"I would have taken the cancer for her, because she was a young girl with two lovely children, it just seemed so grossly unfair," Gloria said.

"I do feel the sensation of the figures improving and a more positive attitude settling in, but, nevertheless, the figures are too high.

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