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Go ahead, animal abuser, sue us for printing your photo

By Nevin Farrell

The woman who abandoned her five-month-old pet puppy to die a horrible death through dehydration and starvation has refused a chance to apologise for her actions.

Instead, remorse-free animal abuser Aleshia McLaverty swore as she was confronted, angrily denounced the media and threatened that if her photograph appeared in newspapers it would amount to "defamation" of her character and she would sue.

The dog called Sam died after being left in a flat without food and water. It had drank the toilet bowl dry.

It was found hanging from a blind after making a final futile attempt to escape through a window in its weakened state

McLaverty ranted after avoiding being sent to jail for animal cruelty at Antrim Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

After her photo was taken by a Press photographer on the street after leaving the court on Tuesday, she flew into a rage.

Earlier in court her defence barrister said she was "very emotional and very distressed" by the case.

However, outside the court grounds, when a journalist identified himself to her and asked if she wished to comment, McLaverty replied: "No I don't. But seriously, I have already been told by my solicitor, right, that I can take yousins to court for defamation of character.

"See that man standing taking pictures of me, see if one of those pictures appear in the paper, I am suing him and I mean that.

"I have my 10-week-old son with me and he (the photographer) is standing like some sort of f*****g sniper taking pictures.

"I swear to God, if one picture of me appears of me in the paper, I am taking him to court, and I mean that."

One of the reasons McLaverty dodged jail was that she had recently given birth.

Sentencing McLaverty on Tuesday, District Judge Alan White said that after looking at a custodial sentence as a starting point he had to take into account her previously clear record and her guilty plea.

He said he also had to consider she had a young baby to look after, and imposed a two-month jail term, suspended for two years, and banned her from keeping animals for five years.

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