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God will judge King Richard lll, says Ulster cleric

By Joanne Sweeney

The Fermanagh-born cleric who will say prayers of welcome at the re-interment of King Richard lll​ has said God will judge the king, not him.

The Dean of Leicester Cathedral, the Very Reverend David Monteith, said he found his role "moving and humbling" in the reburial of the monarch who died in the War of the Roses in 1485.

Known as the 'king in the car park' after remains found in Leicester were confirmed as that of the Plantagenet king, Richard's remains will be laid to rest in the cathedral tomorrow.

"I shall never do anything like this again. I've never involved in anything of this magnitude before," Mr Monteith said. "I hope I bring a sense of warm Irish hospitality to the way that we operate as a cathedral and I find it very moving and humbling to be so deeply involved."

Richard was one of history's most notorious kings and has been accused of the murder of his nephews who were in line of the throne. However, Mr Monteith would not enter into the historical debate on Richard's reign.

"I fall down firmly on the side of the role of the priest burying human remains which is not to pass judgment on that person, and to commend it to God who is the judge," he said.

Mr Monteith (46), who's originally from Irvinestown, confessed that he had not been interested in Richard before the remains were confirmed as his. "I have had to learn a great deal of history in the last couple of years," he said.

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