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Golfer Bert (87) gets second hole-in-one in four months


Bert Whoriskey has had two holes-in-one this year

Bert Whoriskey has had two holes-in-one this year

Bert Whoriskey has had two holes-in-one this year

An 87-year-old golfer from Londonderry has completed the incredible feat of scoring a hole-in-one on the same hole twice this year.

Evergreen Bert Whoriskey hit the headlines in January when he hit an ace on the par three 15th hole at the City of Derry Golf Club.

When he realised, he celebrated in style before kissing his golf ball.

And, incredibly, Bert managed to repeat the achievement on Saturday at the Quarry hole on his way to scoring 32 points in the club stableford competition.

"It's my third hole-in-one in 40 years of golf and I couldn't believe it on Saturday when the ball went in again," Bert, who will be 88 in July, explained.

"When I had my hole-in-one there in January of this year, I didn't see the ball going into the hole because of the overcast weather conditions then.

"On that day I hit a seven iron.

"On Saturday I hit an eight iron.

"Together with my playing partners Tom McDermott and Jim Smallwoods I was able to see the ball landing softly on the green before slowly rolling into the hole.

"I don't know what the odds are for having two holes-in-one at the same hole in just four months but they must be huge. I took a bit of a hit in the bar later, but it was a hit I gladly paid."

City of Derry Golf Club professional Sam Smallwoods said Bert was an inspiration to all golfers.

He said: "Bert has got a lovely rhythmical swing and a smooth putting stroke which obviously he hasn't used much on the 15th green in recent months.

"He's the oldest playing member we have and also one of the fastest on the course."

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