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Golfer Rory McIlroy's father Gerry is dragged into legal dispute

By Tim Healy

Golfer Rory McIlroy's father will be asked to produce documents as part of his son's legal dispute with a sports management company, Dublin's Commercial Court has heard.

McIlroy's counsel, Rossa Fanning, said his side was "very surprised" by the application by the sports company to see Gerry McIlroy's documents. He is not a party to the case.

The Co Down golfer's caddy, JP Fitzgerald, has also been ordered by the court to produce documents by the management company so it can defend Mr McIlroy's claim that an agreement he made is invalid.

World No.1 McIlroy is suing Dublin-based Horizon Sports Management Ltd and two other companies. He claims a representation agreement signed by him in December 2011 is invalid and unenforceable on a number of grounds, including alleged undue influence.

The agreement, he says, was signed when he was aged just 22, inexperienced, and without the benefit of independent legal advice. The defendants deny the claims against them, and have counter-claimed for some $3m which is allegedly outstanding under the agreement for off-course revenues.

They also claim additional monies are owed under both the December 2011 agreement and a later agreement of March 2013.

They are also claiming damages for alleged past and continuing breaches of both agreements.

Last month, the court heard attempts to mediate the dispute had failed and the case will now go to full hearing.

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