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Government 'to look at bank claims'

The Government has confirmed it will look "very carefully" into allegations that Bank of Scotland may have committed criminal fraud in how it dealt with some customers who fell into mortgage arrears.

Northern Ireland's Attorney General John Larkin QC made the claim at the High Court in Belfast yesterday and today Democratic Unionist MP Ian Paisley (North Antrim) raised the issue in the House of Commons.

During Treasury Questions, he asked: " If this is the case would you make a statement to the House and indicate to us how you intend to deal with this matter and bring certainty back to its customers?"

Treasury minister Andrea Leadsom replied: "This Government takes very seriously any a ccusations of wrongdoing by the banks. We will be looking at this case.

"It has been, as you will know, strongly denied.

"We will certainly be taking advice on this and looking into it very carefully and taking appropriate action."

Mr Paisley initially wrongly referred to RBS in his question, but clarified which bank he was talking about in a point of order at the end of the session.

Bank of Scotland's lawyer Stephen Shaw QC said Mr Larkin's view was "based on a misapprehension".


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