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Graduates not ready for world of work, survey claims

Many graduates in Northern Ireland are not ready for employment, a college survey has said.

Businesses reported worrying weaknesses in communication skills, self-management and resilience, and levels of business and customer awareness.

A third of companies increased post-university recruitment, taking them above the UK average, according to Pearson College London.

Firms sought graduates with the right attitudes and aptitudes to enable them to be effective in the workplace - more than eight in ten employers valued these above factors like degree subject.

Roxanne Stockwell, principal of Pearson College London, said: "While it is excellent news that graduates are in demand country-wide, it is worrying that firms are finding that many graduates they recruit aren't properly prepared for the world of work.

"Universities have a responsibility to ensure that all students leave with the right attitudes and aptitudes that businesses need to succeed.

"Many universities have good links with businesses but it's time for deeper collaboration - with courses designed in partnership with employers and work placements built in as standard."


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