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Graeme McDowell has plans for life off the golf course

By Nevin Farrell

Graeme McDowell is planning for life after he leaves golf's top flight.

The astute 36-year-old Portrush-born golfer, known to his fans as G-Mac, already has a 'Plan B' in place.

As part of his business plans he is aiming to launch a second Florida restaurant next spring.

Getting involved in the restaurant trade was inspired by his experiences at the well-renowned Ramore restaurant group in his seaside home town.

McDowell already has a number of outside interests. He runs the Nona Blue restaurant in Orlando and is aiming to be sufficiently established in business to quit golf before his mid-40s.

The plan to open a second Florida restaurant has been prompted by the success of Nona Blue. He is also involved in "a few other business opportunities", including a clothing line and Game Golf, a computer training aid invented by Irishman John McGuire.

It is unknown yet if his growing business empire will stretch to this side of the Atlantic.

The significant boost to McDowell's earning power sparked by his US Open triumph in 2010 has been handled well.

And to his credit, he lends generous support to charities including the Children's Medical Research Foundation at Our Lady's Hospital in Dublin.

McDowell fell in love with the restaurant business as a youngster in Portrush.

He said: "I'm talking about the Ramore Wine Bar down by the harbour in Portrush. It happens to be one of the most successful franchises in the UK and I've always been fascinated by it.

"When I got to know Orlando's Lake Nona area, I could see that the restaurant option was an easy call as something that it badly needed. And I set about surrounding myself with good people."

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