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Graeme's rain water filtration invention could save thousands of lives

By Lindsay Fergus

The lives of thousands of people in developing countries could be saved by a water filtration system designed by a Northern Ireland student that has struck gold at an international competition.

Graeme Browne’s Brightwater invention collects rain water, filters it and indicates whether or not it is safe to drink.

It has the potential to contribute towards the eradication of water pollution which accounts for the deaths of more than 25,000 people every day.

Brightwater won a gold award at the International Sustainable World Energy, Engineering and Environment Project (I-Sweep) olympiad in Houston, Texas where 500 young scientists from 68 countries shared ideas to promote global sustainability.

The former Grosvenor Grammar School pupil was the only person from Ireland selected to attend I-Sweep.

Sammy Taggart, head of technology and design at Grosvenor, said “Graeme has picked up gold at I-Sweep within the engineering category.

“It is the second consecutive year a representative of Northern Ireland has done this, both pupils coming from Grosvenor.

“He hopes to continue to improve the efficiency of the product, whilst further reducing its cost in the coming months.”

Graeme qualified after winning the I-Sweep award sponsored by the University of Ulster at the 2011 Sentinus Young Innovators Exhibition – an event that is held annually at the Odyssey Arena, Belfast

Graeme said: “It was an amazing experience to be competing against the best projects and young engineers in the world.” He started his project in upper sixth as part of A-level technology and design for which he received an A*. He is now studying computer science at Queen’s University .

It is the second year Grosvenor has struck gold at I-Sweep after Timothy Quigg designed a system to improve visibility for firefighters working in smoke-filled buildings.

The 2012 Sentinus Young Innovator’s Exhibition will be at the Odyssey Arena on June 19. For details visit or call Sentinus on 028 9262 7755.

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