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Graffiti on Walls 'an English army badge from 1920s'


Theory: Richard Doherty

Theory: Richard Doherty

Theory: Richard Doherty

Carved graffiti discovered on Londonderry's Walls has been identified as the cap badge of the Dorsetshire Regiment.

The regiment was present in the city during the Irish War of Independence, and in particular was involved in violence between the IRA, UVF and Royal Irish Constabulary during the summer of 1920.

Military historian Richard Doherty confirmed the regiment had been in Derry.

"At this point, I can't be certain that the inscription or graffiti dates from that period, but if it can be proved by further specialist examination, the graffiti would be tangible evidence of the City Walls being used in the 1920s troubles," he said.

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