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Grandmother not worried by marks on Millie Martin

The grandmother of murdered Millie Martin has told a trial that she was not concerned by bumps and bruises on the child’s body, as she was “a clumsy wee girl”.

McCarney, of Woodview Crescent, Trillick, denies murdering and sexually abusing Millie (below). Martin, of Main Street, Kesh, Co Fermanagh, is accused of allowing the death of her 15-month-old daughter.

Mrs Graham began her evidence by detailing bruising and bumps she said she had found on her grand-daughter in the months leading up to the child’s death on December 11, 2009.

However, the grandmother told the jury of nine men and three women that she did not have any concerns, because Millie, like her mother and other toddlers, was clumsy.

As far back as late October 2009, Mrs Graham said she had found a “quite nasty looking yellowish-blue bruise” to Millie’s right ear.

Her daughter told her that Millie had “fallen on to the leg of the table at home”.

Mrs Graham said that in the last few weeks of her grand-daughter's life, she had also noticed “finger-tip bruising to her right chest”.

While her daughter had no explanation, Mrs Graham said “there is nothing unusual for a toddler to have bruises”, although she “didn't know what it was”.

In the week leading up to Millie's death, Mrs Graham said she was changing the child’s nappy and noticed “a mark or a bruise or something yellowy in her private area”.

When she broached the matter with her daughter, Martin allegedly told her mother that “she had no reason for it.... she thought she had fallen or something”.

Under cross-examination later, Mrs Graham said she “wasn't concerned myself about it ... Millie wasn't crying or doing anything to lead me to believe something was wrong”.

She also claimed that a child of Millie's age “gets knocks all |the time, especially a clumsy child”.

On the Tuesday of that week, Mrs Graham said she also noticed that while the youngster didn't cry when she was lifted up, she did wince.

When Mrs Graham mentioned this to her daughter, she too said she had “noticed that myself”. However, Mrs Graham added, her daughter “like myself thought that she had fallen over as a clumsy wee girl”.

The trial continues.

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