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Granny Sadie gets her first tattoo at 79

By Joanne Sweeney

She was the rebel gran on a mission - to get her first tattoo at the age of 79.

Londonderry woman Sadie Sellers skipped from her care home to join granddaughter Samantha on a spree that movie characters Thelma and Louise would have applauded.

When her son Tony Sellers arrived up for his daily visit to his mother, she was nowhere to be found - nor was her Zimmer frame.

Not content with sitting in her wheelchair watching television or having a cup of tea with the other residents of Daleview House, Sadie got Samantha to take her into town in order to get matching tattoos done.

A perplexed Tony rang his daughter to ask if she knew anything about where his mother was as she had been out of the care home several times before with the 22-year-old.

He got the surprise of his life when on the way into town later to meet them he spotted his mother and daughter at Tattoo Studio 76 at Clooney Terrace, where both he and Samantha go to get their tattoos.

Sadie and Samantha both got small heart tattoos on the top of their arms last Thursday with Sadie managing to keep the whole shop in stitches with her lively humour.

Last night Gordon Bell, the tattoo parlour's manager, told the Belfast Telegraph: "Sadie was absolutely great craic and kept us all laughing with her remarks. We didn't know what to think when she walked into the shop with Sam on her Zimmer frame.

"But she was completely up for it, she knew what she wanted and what she was doing.

"I think it was a bucket list thing for her, something she just wanted to do.

"It was over before she knew it and when our artist Ciaran Ward said that it was over, she said she had hardly felt a thing."

He added: "She's not our eldest customer, but she's right up there.

"We tattooed a lady of 83 for a charity venture. But as long as a customer is over 18, there's no age limit."

Afterwards when asked what her family would think of the tattoo, the grandmother of 11 reportedly left customers at the parlour shocked by retorting: "I don't f****** care."

Mrs Sellers said: "You know, when you get to my age, you just have to live life to the full every day.

"I was talking about it with Samantha for a couple of weeks and she showed me hers.

"She came in one day after her holiday and I just thought: 'Well, I'll get one too'. I'm absolutely made up with mine.

"I asked the fella how long it would take and he said it had finished five minutes ago. I never felt a thing."

Samantha described her granny Sadie as "amazing" and added: "I'm very close to her so I got a matching one done afterwards.

"They've said that I'm not allowed to come back without my granny in future."

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