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Grant Thornton runway run at Belfast City Airport: Full results and pictures

By Lesley Houston

George Best Belfast City Airport swapped jets for joggers late last night for Northern Ireland's first ever official runway run.

Under the glow of the apron's lights, hundreds of runners enjoyed the debut 5K race in association with business advisory firm Grant Thornton. Partner Richard Gillan said the race - which ended just before midnight - would help support the airport's award-winning Community Fund charity.

"We wanted to capitalise on the interest in running sparked by the local Saturday morning Park Runs, but we didn't want to just run in a park," he said.

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"We wanted to run somewhere that captured the imagination of local firms, and where better than the runway of Belfast City Airport, a transport hub already widely used by a large percentage of the business community?"

Airport spokeswoman Michelle Hatfield said money raised would help benefit local youth projects in the area "and the legacy of the race will remain long after the final runner crosses the finish line".

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