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Greater Whitehall Residents urged to have say on services

RESIDENTS in north Belfast are being offered the opportunity to have a lasting input on their community development .

Community groups in the Greater Whitehall area have together developed a questionnaire on topics like neighbourhood environment, services provided and community safety. It will also look for people's opinions on shared spaces and facilities as well as shared housing.

Fairyknowe, Graymount, Longlands, Lower Whitewell, Throne and White City residents will receive the survey as part of the Housing Executive's Shared Communities Programme. It is hoped that the results will help the communities in Greater Whitewell to identify gaps in education, training, employment, sport/leisure facilities and health services.

Jennifer Hawthorne, Head of the Housing Executive's Social Regeneration Unit said they recognised the contribution being made locally by groups working tirelessly to improve community relations and cohesion where they live and work.

"The results of this survey will provide us with feedback on how we can best support and build on the work already being undertaken in the Greater Whitewell area."

Geraldine O'Kane from the Greater Whitewell Community Surgery said: "This is an opportunity for local people to shape their neighbourhood in a positive way and while it may not seem like a big deal it really can make a huge difference.

"Other communities have secured major funding through the results of these surveys and we don't want to miss out.

"We really need you to fill your survey in because at the end of the day it's you, your family and friends who will benefit from this," she added.

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