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Green Party in 'Zero Waste approach to economy, society and environment' pledge

The Green Party vowed to cut waste across all aspects of Northern Ireland society as it launched its Assembly election manifesto.

Party leader Steven Agnew said its commitment to zero waste was not confined to improving recycling rates, but was also focused on ending the squandering of money, time and opportunities by the region's politicians.

Outlining his party manifesto at an event in central Belfast, Mr Agnew claimed the electorate was "fed up" with the performance of the five main parties which sat in the powersharing Executive in the last term.

"The Green Party is pledging to bring about an end to the waste of money, time and opportunity at Stormont," he said.

Mr Agnew added: "Our Zero Waste Strategy outlines the commitment the Green Party will make.

"By taking a Zero Waste approach to our economy, society and environment, we can make Northern Ireland a better place for us all to live."

He claimed his party had notched up a number of notable successes in the last mandate, highlighting issues such as children's services, marriage equality, abortion, illegal dumping and unauthorised dredging in Lough Neagh.

"Northern Ireland's economy is also under scrutiny," said Mr Agnew.

"It needs to be sustainable. This means planning for the long-term and ensuring that the decisions we make today do not damage our future."

Mr Agnew added: "There are many ways that we can improve Northern Ireland by maximising opportunities rather than wasting them, and the Green Party will continue to lead the way.

"There are many issues to be tackled - with our successful track record, the Green Party is best placed to do so."


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