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Green's Claire Bailey says Theresa May 'should take Karen Bradley with her'

Green Party leader Claire Bailey has said she hopes Theresa May "takes Secretary of State Karen Bradley with her" when she leaves office.

On Friday morning, the Prime Minister announced she would be stepping down as Tory leader on June 7, following a Cabinet backlash to her latest Brexit strategy and triggering a race for Number 10 among her party.

Northern Ireland Secretary Karen Bradley, a long-time supporter of Mrs May, has come under heavy criticism this week for her refusal to implement a compensation scheme for victims of historical institutional abuse.

She has faced calls to resign from politicians and victims, who accused her of using them as pawns in an attempt to force parties to restore power-sharing.

In the wake of the PM's speech, Claire Bailey said it was "no surprise" she has taken the decision to step down.

"Theresa May entered into a disastrous confidence and supply arrangement with the DUP to secure her position as PM back in June 2017," she said.

"Since then, women and same sex couples in Northern Ireland have continued to be denied reproductive rights and marriage equality. My only hope is that when Theresa May departs, she takes Secretary of State Karen Bradley with her.

"As for the next Prime Minister - I can't think of a single person capable of uniting the Tory Party and dealing with the Brexit chaos.

"The Westminster ship has hit the iceberg. A change of captain at this point will not avert disaster."

Karen Bradley has faced calls to step down as Secretary of State more than once. In March, she was met with widespread derision when she stated that killings by the security forces during the Troubles "were not crimes".

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