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Gregory Campbell unrepentant over Martin McGuinness 'Gasyard Failure' comments

The DUP’s Gregory Campbell faced a furious backlash after he described a festival in Londonderry as a “failure” before going on to ridicule an exhibition of photos taken by the late Martin McGuinness.

The Gasyard Feile has been running for 25 years and Mr Campbell has himself spoken at it.

Writing on his Facebook page, the MP said: “The Gasyard failure should be a real bundle of laughs this year.”

He ridiculed an exhibition of photos by the late Deputy First Minister, saying he didn’t know “if there will be the obligatory warning at the start in case those of a nervous disposition are viewing”.

And he referred to festival speaker and left-wing politician George Galloway as a “serial election loser”.

“Roll up, roll up get your tickets please!” he added.

Foyle MLA Raymond McCartney described the comments as  “crass, offensive and completely lacking in respect”.

Mr McCartney said: “These comments are another example of the DUP’s Gregory Campbell’s total and utter disrespect for the Irish language with his offensive comments about the Gasyard Feile.”

However, Mr Campbell was unrepentant when contacted. He said: “I am making a play on words — Gasyard Feile, Gasyard Failure.”

“If someone can’t see or hear the similarity in pronunciation there isn’t a lot I can do to help them.

“We don’t know what the content of the Martin McGuinness private collection of photographs is, so I was merely asking: are these photographs from his IRA past?

“Or are they innocent photographs of a family day out which won’t require an obligatory warning? But the photographs of him with the IRA council might need an obligatory warning.

“Mr Serial Loser George Galloway has lost so many elections I don’t need to explain that. I stand over every single word I put on that posting.”

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