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Group that murdered warder in vow to kill more staff

By Rebecca Black

A shadowy dissident republican group which killed a prison officer just weeks ago has publicly stated it plans to kill more jail staff.

The statement from the group known as the IRA came shortly after a statement from the Continuity IRA declared it will "strike at will at the British forces of occupation".

Prison Officer Adrian Ismay died after his van was blown up by the group close to his home in east Belfast on March 4.

It has been reported by a Belfast newspaper that the group issued an Easter statement signed by its "Army Council".

"IRA armed actions against Britain and her agents are as legitimate as they were in 1916," the statement says.

"The volunteer soldiers of the IRA are ready and determined to take the war to the age-old enemy of our nation.

"This will remain so until the revolution comes to its certain conclusion - the establishment of a 32-county socialist republic."

On Saturday in Lurgan a masked man read out a statement which he said was on behalf of the Continuity IRA, which shot dead PSNI Constable Stephen Carroll in 2009.

"We continue our resolve to continue the struggle against British rule," it said.

"The volunteers of the Continuity Irish Republican Army will continue to strike at will at the British forces of occupation.

"That is the most fitting tribute we can make to the men and women of 1916."

Earlier this month Assistant Chief Constable Will Kerr said the PSNI has prevented several attempted murders by dissident republicans since Mr Ismay's death.

The PSNI has warned it expected dissidents to attempt to carry out more attacks over the Easter period as republicans gather to mark the centenary of the 1916 Rising.

Mr Kerr said there is deep concern about the numbers involved in dissident organisations and their increasing capabilities.

He claimed police are preventing or disrupting three or four planned or attempted attacks for every one that takes place, adding there are "several hundred active dissident republicans" who are led by a small group of people with "significant terrorist experience".

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