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Gumbo escapes scene of crime

It hasn't been a good month for Cregagh's Bodrum Pizzar.

First, a burglar broke in and trashed the take-away, and now the family parrot has flown the coop.

Gumbo, the African Grey parrot, was last seen making his getaway towards Ligoneil and Woodvale, although listeners to BBC Radio Ulster presenter Gerry Anderson's show may have seen him between Moira and Crumlin.

David Booth explains: “My wife Jacqui has pestered me for five years to buy her a parrot. Being the dutiful husband, I eventually relented and Gumbo was bought.

“She has fed and educated the bird, and he has started talking. The problem is, he should have been called Houdini.”

The bird made good on his escape while Jacqui was mopping floors with the door open last Thursday.

“It's not her fault — he was an opportunist parrot,” David concedes before appealing for the escapologist's return.

“It might be that Gumbo is roosting in someone's tree, and if so, I could attempt to get him.”

Extracting him from a tree could call for forensic precision for this ex-fireman, as it seems that birds such as Gumbo tend to bond with humans of the opposite sex.

David says: “Gumbo is definitely a male — he hates me and is quite at home on Jacqui's head or as I call it, the nest.”

Meanwhile, it’s been a long haul getting the takeaway up and running again. The Community Telegraph reported on the incredible generosity of local people and the business community in rallying round David following the break-in. However, he says it has been a costly excercise.

He said it was June 11 before the insurance company sent anyone to take statements about the May 18 incident.

“I have had to pay from my own pocket to make the repairs so that I can reopen.

“It has not been a good month for me,” he concluded.

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