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Gun find school secure as we can make it: head teacher

By John Mulgrew

A primary school head teacher has said her school is "as secure as it can be made" after a young boy discovered a handgun in the playground.

Principal of Parkhall Primary School in Antrim, Sandra Boyd, said the consequences of the incident could have been terrible.

"I was concerned obviously for the health, safety and welfare of my children and staff. That would be uppermost in my mind," she said. "You just think of what might have been, had the gun been loaded."

She said the school was "as secure as we can make it". "The grounds are covered by CCTV and we have an access and admission buzzer on all of the doors," said the principal.

On Friday, a 13-year-old boy found what turned out to be a "viable" 9mm pistol before bringing it home believing it was a toy.

Police officers removed the weapon for further examination.

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