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Gunfire at city rally 'deplorable'

Police are investigating reports that shots were fired into the air at a republican rally in Belfast over the weekend.

The probe comes after footage emerged on the internet which appeared to show a masked man shooting into the air in the Ardoyne area in the north of the city.

Member of Parliament for the area Nigel Dodds and fellow DUP members met with senior police officers to voice their concerns.

"The organisers of this event need to come out and clearly and unreservedly condemn the firing of these shots," said Mr Dodds.

"Otherwise people will conclude that the presence of this masked gunman and the firing of these shots were not contrary to their wishes and, indeed, occurred with their support.

"Any instance of gunfire on our streets is deplorable and is an attempt to bully and intimidate and to undermine law and order. It is appalling that some republicans are so wedded to violence that they wish to perpetuate bloodshed on our streets. No-one should attempt to glorify the terrible consequences of terrorism, not least for the communities from which it emanates."

A PSNI spokeswoman said: "Police are looking at the circumstances surrounding a video which is on a social media site."

She appealed for anyone with information about the incident to come forward.


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