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'Half of children have forgotten how to say thank you' - says study

Almost half of children in Northern Ireland have forgotten how to say thank you, a new study examining the dynamic between mothers and their offspring has indicated.

Boys are also half as likely to show affection to their mother than their sisters, according to the research.

The poll of mothers in the region recorded that 46% claim to be never, or rarely, thanked by their children.

Only a fifth of boys are liable to indulge their mother with an affectionate act of kindness, researchers claimed.

Girls were twice as likely to exhibit such behaviour (42%), the poll commissioned by Kingsmill Bread found.

Elva O'Connor, brand manager for Allied Bakeries, which produces Kingsmill, said: "These results make it clear that no matter what age we are, we should all take the time to thank our mums for the essential role they play."

The survey was published to mark the launch of Kingsmill's 'Thank You Mum' campaign, which will see flowers handed out to mothers in Belfast and Londonderry in the coming weeks.

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