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Halloween Derry: 'There's nothing like this where we live. It's fantastic'

In among all the local accents were a noticeable number from other towns and cities from England, Scotland, France and the Irish Republic as well as Northern Ireland.

They included the Bromfield family who travelled from Newcastle in England especially for the festivities.

Mum Sarah, suitably bedecked in a Ghostbusters costume, said this was the first time she and husband Tony, who made an uncanny ghost, had been to Derry.

She said: “We heard about how big Halloween is here and thought why not? The children are off school and we have relatives in Lurgan so we thought we would come here to see the Halloween celebration, stay overnight and then make our way over to Lurgan.

“We are glad we came and really glad we brought dressing up outfits because we would have felt so out of it if we hadn't.”

Aoife Nic Com Midhe travelled from Downpatrick especially but very nearly didn't make it in time.

She explained: “I came here with friends but we thought all we had to do was jump on the bus in Belfast and be in Derry a couple of hours later but the queue at the depot was massive.

“We arrived in time for the three o'clock bus but it was after 4.30pm before we managed to get a seat.

“Still, we are here now and this is amazing to see and was well worth the effort.”

Brendan McGinley didn’t travel quite so far, crossing the border from Buncrana.

He said: “This is the place to be. The children look forward to seeing the parade and fireworks and what makes it for us as parents is that there is no drinking.”

Geraldine McAfee came up from Westport in Co Mayo.

She had no children with her to use as an excuse, but was enjoying the fun all the same.

“It is just my husband Barney and myself here. Our family is all grown up, but this is the third year in a row we have been here and it is getting better and better.”

Henry Kennedy from Liverpool had never seen anything like it and was pleased he’d made the journey.

“This is the first time we have been here but I have heard so much I thought we would come over for Halloween.

“There is nothing remotely like this where we live; it is fantastic.”

Margaret McAteer was another Co Donegal exile, coming over from Bundoran

“We came here this morning and we haven't been inside much because there was so much to do so right now we are chilled to the bone.

“I was very impressed. The fireworks for me was the winner although actually seeing everyone in the fancy dress costumes is brilliant too.”

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