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Hank hasn't been taken for walk in 10 days, claim owners of seized dog

By Angela Rainey

The owners of a dog seized for looking like a pit bull have claimed that he has not been walked in 10 days.

More than 135,000 people have now signed an online petition calling for Hank the dog to be returned to his owners and more than £15,000 has been raised to pay legal fees in any court battle.

Leonard Collins and Joanne Meadows have had Hank for almost two years, since he was a puppy.

Mr Collins, who is a computer science student at Ulster University, returned home from his placement to find Hank gone over a week ago.

A warrant was pinned to his front door. It said Hank had been taken into the care of Belfast City Council under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

A Facebook page set up to support the owners' campaign last night said that he had not been exercised and is kept alone in cage without much interaction.

The post read: "I have received written confirmation from the council that Hank has not been walked once in 10 days.

"He is also receiving an extremely limited amount of interaction with anyone.

"The vast majority of his day is spent alone, in a sawdust covered kennel. It is very clear that Belfast City Council is failing in its duty of care to Hank.

"Every day that this continues puts my boy through more torment."

But a Belfast City Council spokesman denied that Hank was being ill-treated.

He said: "We would like to assure those who have expressed concern about the dog's welfare that he is being well looked after and his medical needs are being met."

An online petition calling for Hank to be returned to his owners had last night been signed by more than 136,000 people.

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