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Hank visits the Belfast Telegraph

There was an extra special visitor to the offices of the Belfast Telegraph on Friday afternoon.

Dog of the moment Hank came to visit with his owner Joanne Meadows as he readjusts following his recent stay with Belfast City Council.

Wearing his court ordered muzzle, Hank quickly drew a crowd of admirers from across the newsroom, including Belfast Telegraph editor Gail Walker, Deputy Editor Jonathan McCambridge and many of the journalists who had followed his ordeal from when he was seized by Belfast City Council officers and police in July to the court case earlier this week which saw him returned to his loving owners Joanne Meadows and Leonard Collins.

Joanne said he is still adjusting following his stay with the council, but said while he wasn't walked often, he was treated very well by the dog wardens.

Hank was seized by the council in July following a complaint from a member of the public. He was examined by a canine expert to determined whether or not he was of an illegal pitbull type breed.

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A campaign set up by Joanne and Leonard to free him gained support from across the world. The Belfast Telegraph followed every stage of the campaign with extensive coverage of Hank's owners to bring him home.

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However the tale had a happy ending because although Hank was found to be part pitbull he was not deemed a danger to the public and was released under a number of conditions, including wearing a muzzle.

Hank is feeling right at home, says delighted owner Joanne

Joanne and Leonard are now planning to lobby for a change to the current dangerous dogs legislation.

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