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Happy homes lined up for abandoned pups: But mother Honey still needs a new owner sanctuary says

By Ann W Schmidt

Four cute puppies rescued after being abandoned on the side of the road will soon be rehomed.

The dogs and their mother were left to die on Waterloo Road outside Lisburn, but were found by a passer-by last month.

Dog wardens from Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council rescued the puppies and took them to Almost Home Animal Rescue in Moira.

The dogs are named Fernando, Mia, Trouper and Benny, and their mother is named Honey - all after ABBA songs.

Since their rescue last month, Fernando has been rehomed and the other three puppies are in the visiting process with families hoping to take them.

Karen Matthews, the founder and owner of Almost Home, said the puppies developed chest infections after they were rescued because of the stress of being abandoned, but had since made a full recovery.

"They're doing really well now," she explained. "They're all good and healthy."

She added that the dogs, just like other puppies, caused trouble, but not too much.

"They're full of mischief," Ms Matthews said. "They love their playtime and love their sleep. They've been easy enough to care for."

Even though all the puppies have been reserved or rehomed, their mum has not had as much luck, unfortunately.

Ms Matthews said that no one had even been in to see Honey, explaining that most people go straight for the puppies they want to take home and often forget about the older dogs.

"The older dogs have a lot of love - they're the really special ones," she added.

And Honey is particularly special because of how she looked after her puppies throughout the trauma of being abandoned by the side of the road and then helped them recover once they were at the shelter.

She is sometimes still nervous in new situations, the sanctuary owner said, but hopefully Honey will find her "forever home" soon. "The right family always comes," Ms Matthews added.

After Lisburn and Castlereagh councillor James Baird visited the puppies along with Joanne MacAskill, the senior dog warden, he said that the dogs were doing well.

"They really do look like different dogs from those rescued from a busy roadside by our dog wardens," he added.

"I was delighted to have the opportunity to meet these young pups who touched the hearts of thousands of people across Northern Ireland and further afield. It is sad to remember the fifth young pup that had to be euthanized due to its injuries, but that was a tough decision that had to be made by the vet.

"Karen and her team of volunteers at Almost Home have done an excellent job of providing tender loving care to these pups and their mum."

There was a fifth puppy that was also rescued, however it had to be put down because of a fractured pelvis.

It is believed that the animal suffered the injury after being thrown from the window of a moving vehicle.

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