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Harassment forced former Miss GB to call the police

By Aaron Tinney

Former Miss Great Britain Gemma Garrett has revealed she was hounded so relentlessly by male and female stalkers that she was forced to call the police.

The 35-year-old spoke for the first time about her "nightmares" as the Belfast Telegraph revealed that harassment victims across Northern Ireland are living in fear that the Stormont stalemate could delay the implementation of stalking laws.

Gemma, who is being lined up to appear in this year's Celebrity Big Brother, said: "I can't believe stalking is not treated as a specific offence in Northern Ireland. I have had a lot of really horrific experiences with stalkers down the years."

Victims of stalking living in fear after political stalemate, warns campaigner

She told how four people in the past 10 years had left her "terrified", including three men and one woman who hounded so much she had to call the police.

"They would try to contact me on social media, then start sending me scary messages when I didn't respond," Gemma said.

"All three of the guys sent me really horrible and sexually threatening messages and told me things like they were going to call to my house.

"One guy got so annoyed when I kept ignoring him that he sent a parcel to my house full of pictures of himself.

"I went to the police, but they said that because the men had not directly threatened my life, they could not do much except give them a warning.

"The female stalker I had was almost scarier than the men because she was just filled with hatred for me for some reason.

"My stalking experiences always seemed to coincide with me making an appearance on TV or making a happy career announcement on social media."

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