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Hart calls for appointment of new US envoy 'soon'

By Allan Preston

Retired senator Gary Hart, the US special envoy to Northern Ireland, has said he will urge President-elect Donald Trump to appoint his successor as soon as possible.

Mr Hart has been holding final meetings with the First Minister and other local politicians

"It's not just important symbolically," the retired Colorado Senator told the BBC.

"I think the right person is a person who is familiar with the complexity and the history of this island. There aren't an awful lot of people like that walking around, but I think it's very important for President Trump to appoint an envoy."

During his last formal visit Mr Hart, the personal representative of US Secretary of State John Kerry, will meet the Irish Foreign Minister Charlie Flanagan.

In October last year Mr Hart returned to Stormont after a political crisis was sparked by an IRA-linked murder. Speaking at the time, he said he hoped "to foster an enduring peace in Northern Ireland".

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